Themis Real Estate SICAV

Why a SICAV?

A SICAV is an SA which gives investors the status of shareholders. Investor shareholders therefore have the right to examine and vote at the shareholders’ meetings and they can influence the course of the business. It is this active and participatory aspect, which does not exist in the context of an investment fund, that we wanted to focus on in our relations with investors.
Alongside the investors is the entrepreneurial shareholder, who holds responsibility and exerts influence on SICAV management. The management and the custodian bank are fully accountable to investors.
To date, out of 70 real estate funds authorized by FINMA, only 8 have been set up in the form of SICAVs.

Board of Directors

Me Laurent Schenk

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Attorney-at-law Mr Laurent Schenk has been a notary public in Nyon since 1996. In this function he works as a director of companies in management or in other real estate sectors, with the exception of brokerage. He is also Chairperson of the Board of Directors of a cooperative company aiming to operate a port for small inland waterway boats. Attorney-at-law Mr Schenk is also member of the board of the PROFMED & PROLIBERA employee pension fund and has been a member of the support association of Hospitals in the Western Lake Geneva Area.

Me Fernand Mariétan

Vice-President of the Board of Directors

Attorney-at-law Mr Fernand Mariétan has been a notary public and attorney at law since 1981. He has been President of GESSIMO SA in Monthey and Director of different companies, most especially of Banque Cantonale du Valais in Sion. He is also member of the Foundation Boards of Greenbrix Investment Foundation in Geneva and Prisma Investment Foundation in Morges, both of which have real estate investment groups in Switzerland. In the scope of his mandates, Attorney-at-law Mr Marietan, as director, has high supervisory tasks of activities delegated to the management of the collective investments of capital supervised by the FINMA.

Juan Pedro Iglesias Lemos

Member of the Board of Directors

Architect working internationally, Juan Iglesias stated his career in 1999 in Japan at NK Kouenten in Tokyo, where he stayed for 6 years, during which he realised a certain number of anti-earthquake projects, in particular for the Japanese leader of construction. He also won the 1st prize of the Urban Tokyo competition.
Back in Switzerland in 2006, he participated in numerous projects, among which in the United Arab Emirates (villas, hotels and schools), in the Seychelles, in Spain and of course in Switzerland with the realisation of several important projects for Swiss institutional investors. In 2018, he joined the company CBRE Genève SA as Director – Building Consultancy where he participates in numerous important projects in Geneva, in the cantons of Vaud and Valais.

Yann Tavernier

Member of the Board of Directors

Entrepreneur Yann Tavernier has more than 20 years’ experience as manager, director and investor in enterprises active in real estate and private equity. In addition, through his professional experience, he has acquired strong management skills, which have permitted him to work also as a consultant to investors, enabling him to create asset allocation strategies. As a consequence, he has restructured, optimised and arbitrated enterprises in private equity as well as real estate stocks. He has assisted investors during real estate transactions, real estate developments and promotions, both in Switzerland as well as abroad. He has acquired experience in the development of commercial properties in urban areas and outlying suburbs.
His experience and his vision of real estate have led him to found the Themis Group and create Themis Capital and Themis Real Estate SICAV.



The management of Themis Real Estate SICAV is delegated by mandate to Themis Capital SA.

Themis Real Estate SICAV has chosen CACEIS, the European leader in asset management services, to support it in its tasks.

Fund management company: CACEIS (Switzerland) SA, Nyon
Custodian bank: CACEIS Bank, Paris, Nyon Branch / Switzerland